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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  December 20, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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kelly: tonight, loved ones or member a local high school senior killed in a car crash. plus a crime alert for shoppers this holiday season -- a woman stabbed several times during an attempted robbery at a mall in broad daylight. and we are keep an eye on the weather. will we deal with wet roads this travel week? the news starts now. i announce her: now, abc seven news at 6:30 on your side. heartbreaking evening for a local family. in about 90 minutes, a vigil for a student killed in a car crash on friday night will stop the 18-year-old will be remembered outside of the school where he was a senior.
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>> he was an 18-year-old with dreams of going into medical school. >> he has always been so smart and loved helping people. >> his family will never get the chance to see him walk across the stage for his graduation. instead, they are saying goodbye after he was killed in a car accident friday night while he was on his way home. >> there might be a trillion words in the dictionary, but not one can describe how difficult it is. you can see the tire marks on the road after he lost control and went off the road, hitting multiple trees. 11:00pened just after near i-95. appears to be a contributor factor in the crash. >> am going to miss everything. >> the class of 2016 posted a
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saying he was a bright, spirited, amazing member of our class and he will surely be missed. the vigil is expected to get underway tonight. a 17-year-old passenger was taken to an area hospital with nonlife threatening injuries after the crash. a motorcyclist was killed in this crash with a car in northeast washington last night. we showed you the video last night but did not know the condition of the driver. now we know he lost his life. police are investigating what caused the accident. the motorcyclist name has not been released. president jimmy carter is mourning the set death of his 28-year-old grandson. the former president roque the news to his church in georgia earlier today. he said his grandson had not
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been feeling well yesterday and then his heart simply stopped in his sleep. the tragedy come just two weeks after the former president announced he is cancer free. seven is on your side with a crime alert tonight. montgomery county police are looking for a man who stabbed a shopper during an attempted robbery. she was attacked at the lakeforest mall in gaithersburg. more onwis is live with the investigation. i wonder if security cameras might have captured something. >> there are security cameras in the parking lot. i can tell you that when it comes to image, this random stabbing could not have happened at a worse time with three major balls in montgomery county alone , many holiday shoppers deciding whether or not lakeforest mall is a safe bet. >> it is absolutely ridiculous. the world iswhat
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coming to. >> five days until christmas and shoppers at the lakeforest mall are staying vigilant. a 63 or old exited the shopping center near macy's. while walking to her car, an unknown man pulled out a knife and demanded money. when the woman fought back, the man stabbed her multiple times and ran away. macy's customers were stunned to learn about the public midday attack. brexit gary because it happened during the daytime. i guess it is best to be careful. there is a visible security camera at the top of this macy's entrance and there are security guards patrolling the parking lot. even so, crime at lakeforest mall has become a persistent problem. lacks i was a little apprehensive. this area has declined in recent years. i used to live in montgomery
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because it its ad used to be nicer. >> people get robbed. i never hear anything like that. >> you feel it's a little safer in bethesda? police described the suspect as a hispanic male, standing around five feet five around 165, weighing fat -- 165 pounds, last seen wearing a loop that he. they woman is expected to be ok. a rough day for hundreds of families in gaithersburg. a car hit and damaged a gas meter early this morning, forcing washington gas to turn off gas service. no heat, no water, no one was hurt but more than 100 if the
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units were left without hot water. once it is repaired, gas service will be restored. another chilly one out there. the department of human services will react a hypothermia alert in the district. we have more now without temperatures they will go. we will start with a snapshot of the nations capital tonight and talk about the cold night set to come. 19 in some spots with highs ,ecovering from 19, 22 degrees real-time temperature of dates, freezing near culpeper. looking ahead into the forecast, the cloud cover started to build a little sooner. we have begun a warming trend. does that sound familiar? this is what we have had for the
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better part of the season so far. we will start out at about 36 downtown in near freezing in some spots. showersh cloud cover, are expected and the complete outlook, we will have christmas eve in your christmas outlook in just a few moments. in sports, things are looking up for the redskins. the team getting a big win against the bills today at fedex field. we have a look at all the action , and boy was there a lot of it. >> i would say things are looking up because the redskins did something today they have not done all season and that is when back-to-back. they are live hundred for the first time since week number this so, let's look at how went down. we pick it up in the second quarter. kirk cousins, jordan reed in
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strive for a touchdown. and he fires deeper makes the play, takes it 77 yards and the redskins go and win this one by 10. they still control their own destiny. >> we think this week will be a great week. we are winding down to the end of the season and now we control our own destiny. they have been playing in big games and we are excited about the opportunity. saturday night football. jackson used to play for the eagles and downplayed want to make don't headlines but personally, i'm going to be all fired up. he knows what's at stake.
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>> we will see you later tonight at 11:00. sky --up, a scare in the what forced an air france plane to make an emergency landing in kenya. pumpncouraging news at the before a busy week of travel. pumpncouraging news at the before a busy week of travel. how much
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and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or call now for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios. kelly: for passengers are being questioned over a suspicious device found in the bathroom of an air france flight. the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in kenya. the device was examined and nothing harmful was found. the aircraft was headed to paris at the time. presidential hopefuls returned to the campaign trail after last night him accredit debate will stop and today, hillary clinton came under fire after calling
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out donald trump. clinton accused trump of best recruiter, saying the terror group is trumpg videos of insulting islam. trump cheated out that hillary clinton lies. >> are you sure you want to go down that road? that road.ll go down people call me out but they tend to be wrong also. house and white terror experts say there's no hard evidence that the terror group is using the as of trump to recruit. seven is on your side with a consumer alert drivers, mitsubishi recalling barrages over concern certain wires could corrode and call issues with the airbag system. the recall includes model years 2014 and 2015.
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most of the cars were sold on the east coast and mid west. good news for drivers, especially those of you hitting the road for the holiday -- gasp isis continue to drop. the national average stands at two dollars, down a couple of any's from last week. in virginia, the average is a low that. in maryland, drivers are paying two dollars and one cent. bc is a bit higher. tonight, devon's tracking weather conditions for
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kelly: i'm a little depressed i this forecast. now there's not only no snow in the forecast, but we have rain?
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we are going to break some records. but if you are thinking about it , i like to get to the tropics you can stickarm, here and we will get that. morning frosty this officially downtown. short work week and have to get out there for monday morning -- still got a be around freezing. 43 at reagan national. satellite and radar confirm we have cloud cover. what we have going on is a west wind and a south wind here at the ground. a very warm pattern going for us. temperatures will continue to go up all the way through the week. cloud cover completely overtakes the region tomorrow.
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monday night, could have a few showers. idea. the general we will continue to pump in the warmer air as we go into the christmas week on thursday. we have your forecast for tomorrow morning. not as cold, right around freezing. overcastlook at the skies and a couple of struggles by midafternoon. the next chance of rain holds off until 9:00 tomorrow. washington metro, taking you down to about 54. low to mid 50's and even with cloud cover, 10 degrees over average for this time of year. could have some rain showers coming in but it looks to be tuesday with a wave of rain expected to be in.
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is veryy cast consistent. tomorrow morning has some cloud cover if you happen to be out -- some sunshine coming through. looking east, it's possible for overcast skies coming in. here is your christmas week we smash the existing records and some forecast are much warmer than that. a very mild christmas day under mostly sunny skies. last year, we did 61. the winter solstice tomorrow tells us that by the calendar, winter begins. should not bring any precipitation. a slight chance in the afternoon. maybe you need to have a small umbrella but tuesday is the first round when we can expect
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rain coming our way. i know you are a redskins and. very sad for dallas. let's get a recap of the great news. >> i can tell you guys are crying for dallas. and it'swere cheering hard not to like it when desean jackson gets a 77 yard touchdown.
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announcer: and now, the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. the redskins seem to be peaking at just the right time. last week, they got their first road win and today, they went back to back games for the first time this season and came out
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firing on offense on the very first drive. the redskins marched right down the field on their first drive. kirk cousins finds jordan reed is a great job ripping the ball away from the defender and that is a touchdown, seven nothing, skins. washington up and this time he finds an opening and takes off. he dives forward for a 15 yard score. the defense also came to play. tie rod taylor was running for his life. jason hatcher rips down taylor for one of three quarterback stacks. later, they would be on the move again. control, 21re in zip. the bills would get on the lord with a field goal and the skins turn out the lights with cousins fired the.
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it's a little under throw but he makes the adjustment and bursts up field, taking it all the way for a 77 yard touchdown as the redskins go up big, 28-3. the bills would score to straight touchdowns, but the skins get back on track in the fourth. cousins lost it to. garcon and touchdown for its fourth td of the game as the redskins win 35-25. they are still in the driver seat at seven and seven in the nfc. do is takeave to care of our business and we get a chance to voice that lombardi trophy. >> you guys get the road win last season and now you have the back-to-back wins. what is that like for you as a team? that we of confidence
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are getting better each week in the hard work is paying off. we just have to keep it going. you hear the crowd chanting that, do you get in on it? >> put them back on the field. keep knowing the city is behind them. >> we've got to focus on the eagles. they have the same implications in place. they control their own destiny, so it is going to be a dogfight. >> staying with the same, kirk cousins after the win weeding out things i like -- skins win and shake shack after a skins win and hearing people say you like that while eating shake shack. if you are looking for kurt haslam's, there's a good chance he is that shake shack right now. >> and dallas losing.
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kelly: still a little taste of winter lingering in the air. devon: we start off with 33 for a low. still coat weather but you may not need the code for the rest of the week. 60% are solstice with a chance of showers. wednesday is the likeliest day. christmas eve, a chance of rain with christmas day. very mild and 63. time ofry warm for this year. 18 degrees above normal. kelly: who needs to go to florida or hawaii when you have temperatures like this.
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thank you for joining us. temperatures like this. thank you for joining us. we will see you back here at
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